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Basic Functions of a Computer

Functions of a Computer

The basic functions of a computer are broken down into 4 different categories: Input Processing Output Storage The input process consists of the programmer entering a source code (program). The computer then transfers the information into the system. Processing consists of manipulating and controlling the information within the computer system. Such manipulations are handled byRead More »

Data Recovery

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Computer forensics tools for data recovery Pc security is now an element of important value in modern day occasions. This is certainly mostly mainly because computer crime has elevated tremendously on account on the technological developments within the last few decades. Every new advancement in technologies serves to signify an innovative improve, and also anRead More »

About domain registration

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Why register a domain? As a convenience to visitors: The domain gives presence and individuality to your website. What name to choose? 1. A Short name The purpose of a domain name is to be remembered by potential consumers. The longer a domain, the harder it is to remember. The best rule is one thatRead More »

Web Design and SEO

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Designing a beautiful and functional site that meets your clients’ needs is not in itself enough to guarantee constant traffic to your site. If you really want your customers and clients to enjoy the benefits of online presence, then you need both a good web design and SEO. An effective web design and a goodRead More »

Beginners Programming – Logic

Beginners Programming – Logic

Watch this video about programming for beginners.

Benefits of Programming for SEO


Online marketing has become more of a giant as individuals and businesses seek out profitable means of exploiting the internet through business. Having a search engine oriented venture on the internet can benefit if you have additional talent including, writing, graphic design end even programming. With programming, the concept of marketing takes a whole newRead More »

Why optimizing your Google Places listing will improve your business


For any organization or company to be relevant online, it must have a local client base that it serves. These are the consumers who make their purchasing decisions based on research results they get about niche businesses, products and services. They especially base the results on the first page of any search engine. For yourRead More »

Web Hosting


Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. It is an analogy of “lodging or hotel accommodations or rooms” where one takes a specific place, in this case the analogy web hosting, web hosting refers to the place ofRead More »

The evolution of tag clouds

tag clouds

Tag clouds, also known as word clouds are a visual representation of data. Tag clouds are commonly used to visualize word frequency in the source text or content of a blog or website. Tag clouds quickly highlight the most important and/or popular information. They are usually single words that are tweaked using different fonts, layouts,Read More »

How to Choose a Domain Name


Choosing the right domain name is essential so that you can be rest assured of the success of your online business. The domain name must be dependable and reliable, so it would be easier and faster to achieve your business goals. You could not afford to ignore vital factors that you need to consider inRead More »